Pellegrinelli Arreda is an official Dada retailer in the Milan area. In our stores you can find kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and furnishings created by the brand.

Initially just a small carpentry workshop in 1926, Dada has always been known for the quality of its kitchens and cabinets.

The great success of the company, however, came only in the 70s, when the first collaborations with designers, photographers and graphic designers of the calibre of Angelo Cortesi, Georges Coslin, Italo Lupi, Amilcare Ponchielli, Gabriele Basilico, Aldo Ballo and Vittoria Mussolini came to be. With their experience and professionalism, these artists were able to give a clear and defined mark to the brand.

Those years marked a turning point for Dada also because the firm became part of the Molteni Group, a solid reality that allowed the company to explore, experiment and create unique pieces of furniture, that integrates perfectly with the lifestyle of people who decide to use them in their homes and workspaces.

Today the brand collaborates with internationally renowned designers such as Vincent Van Duysen, Nicola Gallizia, Luca Meda, Dante Bonuccelli, Ferruccio Laviani and Francesco Meda, known for their unique, essential and modern style projects.

Dada has products for every room in the house, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the study. The quality of the proposals is visible in every detail, from the finishes offered to the choice of materials, which are selected by the company’s R&D department.

Pellegrinelli Arreda is an official Dada retailer in Milan and Cesate. With two showrooms located in the province of Milan, the company offers personalized furniture consultations and the assistance of a dedicated personal shopper who guides customers in the choice of pieces of furniture to be inserted in their homes.

Pellegrinelli Arreda: Dada products in the retailer’s catalogue

Dada’s catalogue is rich in exceptional and stylish products, ideal for furnishing private homes, workspaces and as solutions for the contract. Furniture, upholstery and accessories, all made with the most exceptional care and attention, are characterized by an evergreen design, capable of giving an extra touch to any environment in which they are placed.

An example of Dada’s style is VVD, a kitchen with essential lines that plays on the contrast between materials and thicknesses. Other features that certainly do not go unnoticed are the total absence of handles and the presence of hi-tech details such as the integrated LED bar, the aluminium profile and the innovative pivot hinge that allows the door a 180° opening.

Also, Banco, presented for the first time in 1994, is characterized by light volumes that hide a strong core, which allows the kitchen to withstand over time.

By visiting the Pellegrinelli Arreda showrooms, Dada’s official retailer in Milan and its province, it is possible to see for yourself the preciousness of the brand’s offerings and to be advised by the sales staff when choosing home furnishings.

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