Pellegrinelli Arreda is a Natevo retailer in the Milan area. In our showrooms you can find all the furniture by this brand.

Born in 2013 from the experience of Flou, a furniture company that in the 80s, with Nathalie, a removable textile bed, revolutionized the culture of sleeping, Natevo is a brand specialized in the production of furniture proposals with integrated lights

Unique furniture and furnishing accessories, Natevo products are an absolute novelty, as their presence is sufficient to provide the necessary lighting to the environments in which they are positioned. Thanks to the ingenious idea at the base of these proposals and to the collaboration with the most important Italian and foreign designers, in a few years from their launch on the market, these furniture pieces and accessories have become an absolute must for private houses, hotels and public places, as they combine in a perfect and balanced way aesthetics, design and functionality.

Natevo’s products are extremely elegant and characterized by simple lines, making them suitable for any context and decorative style. 

Choosing Natevo products, however, does not only mean furnishing rooms tastefully but also protecting the environment. These furnishings allow reducing energy costs, offering economical and ecological advantages to those who use them.

Natevo proposals give life to warm environments and cosy atmospheres, allowing people to relax and enjoy their time away from everyday stress.

Pellegrinelli Arreda is an official Natevo retailer in Milan and the province. With two showrooms in the Metropolitan City of Milan, our company is the reference point for those who want to buy the brand’s products and be advised by expert interior designers in the choice of the most suitable.



Natevo proposes three collections: Continuum, Kara and Solida. Each with its particularities, these three lines include different proposals, ranging from systems for the living area to tables, up to armchairs and beds.

The Continuum collection is designed by Matteo Nunziati and consists of a wide range of furniture with integrated light, with which an entire apartment can be furnished. The LED light is diffused and soft, perfect for enhancing the simple lines of the furniture proposals.

The Kara collection is composed of avant-garde proposals, in which light is an essential part of the design and not just a functional accessory. The products in this line are sophisticated, unique and precious, like true works of art.

Finally, there is Solida, a collection inspired by the rationalist design of the Thirties signed by Matteo Nunziati. The Solida line’s furnishings, made with refined materials, have a luxurious and sophisticated allure, almost solemn, which is softened by the magic of LEDs. Tradition and modernity come together in a harmonious balance of shapes and colours.

To feel the quality of Natevo products, visit the showroom Pellegrinelli Arreda in Milan and Cesate.

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