Founded in 1965 in Matera, the Calia Italia company comes to life thank’s to an idea of Liborio Vincenzo Calia. The founder’s artisan passion and entrepreneurial spirit turned a simple vision into a highly successful business, esteemed by design professionals around the world.

Since its inception, the company’s mission has always been to make people feel good through the creation of fine seating that masterfully combines aesthetic taste and functionality. 

Thanks to continuous investment in research and technology, the brand is able to create affordable designer sofas, armchairs, ottomans and benches that perfectly meet customers’ needs in terms of both aesthetics and practicality.

Comfort is the key concept that characterizes each of the upholstered furniture designed by Calia Italia. Those who choose the brand’s products know they can count on sofas of absolute quality and comfort. It is no coincidence that Calia Italia’s furniture complements are seen as excellences of Made in Italy in as many as eighty countries around the world. The level of quality of Calia upholstered furniture is guaranteed by the absolute care with which each product is made. 

The first step in this process is the development of the idea by the designers of the Calia Italia Study Center, based on market trends and demands. Once the design is defined, the work passes into the hands of the artisans, who work and assemble the wood and polyurethane structure and apply the elastic straps to the seats and backs of the stem. Next comes the creation of the upholstery, which is available in many different colors and materials. Once all the parts that make up the upholstered furniture have been created, they move on to assembly. Each step is carefully checked by the quality control team.

The meticulousness and commitment with which the sofas, armchairs and other furnishing complements signed Calia Italia are made, as well as the refinement and elegance of the products themselves, have allowed the company to obtain numerous and prestigious national and international awards.

Thanks to its widespread presence in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Pellegrinelli Arreda has become an official Calia Italia retailer in Milan. Making the brand’s philosophy its own, our company offers each client the possibility of obtaining private consultations with personal shoppers and interior designers aimed at the conception of projects created ad hoc for each client in order to enhance their personality and adapt perfectly to their lifestyle.


Calia Italia’s rich catalog features several product collections, each of which is designed to offer customers exactly what they need. Modular sofas and sofa beds join the proposals of the Superior line and those of the Premium line, creating a highly original range of first-class upholstered furniture, ideal for furnishing homes and contract environments.

Prominent among the sofas, armchairs and ottomans in Calia Italia’s Superior collection is Pralin, a sofa inspired by the rich, soft and enveloping sensations that chocolate creams give with every taste.

Daisy, Tango and Fox Trot, on the other hand, are wonderful examples of Calia Italia modular sofas. A firm believer in the fact that it is furniture that should adapt to the lives of those who choose it and not vice versa, these proposals are created to adapt to changing spaces and families.

Those looking for highly elegant sofas with a classic and refined design, must check out the Premium collection of sofas and armchairs. Among the products in this line it is worth mentioning Sir William, Fly, Romeo and Panarea.

Completing the assortment of products signed by the brand are the fabulous Calia sofa beds, extremely comfortable upholstered pieces that can be transformed into single or double beds with a single gesture. Dafne, Sfera and Luna are wonderful examples.

To find out more about Calia Italia sofas, armchairs, ottomans and sofa beds, visit Pellegrinelli Arreda showrooms in Milan and province, in Cesate, Arese, Saronno and Garbagnate Milanese areas.

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