Founded in 2010, Glamora is a company specialized in the production of innovative wall coverings and wallpapers, rich in style and able to decorate the surfaces of architecture with wonderful and enchanting stories.

Now famous worldwide, the company creates proposals with a contemporary taste for private and public spaces, such as homes and offices. The production is entirely made in Italy, but the products are exported all over the world.

Sophistication, classicism and uniqueness are the keywords on which the style of Glamora coverings is based. The moment trends are incorporated naturally within evergreen collections, the result of in-depth stylistic research and the expression of a refined stylistic code.

Over the years, the company has evolved its proposals, which have become increasingly innovative in terms of materials and technologies used to manufacture and apply them.

Since 2013, Glamora has won numerous awards, including the Interior Design “Best of Year” Award, the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Award, the Archiproducts Design Awards and, last but not least, the German Design Award.

Thanks to its widespread presence in the Milan metropolitan area, Pellegrinelli Arreda has become an official Glamora retailer in Milan and its province. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy, our company offers private consultations with personal shoppers and interior designers aimed at the creation of unique projects in line with the needs and tastes of the client.

All Glamora proposals have a sartorial soul and are made to measure. Everything, from the colours to the shapes, up to the panels’ size, can be customized according to the specific needs of interior designers, designers and, last but not least, of those who will live in the living spaces.

Although the brand was born in Italy, the company does not hide the contamination due to collaboration with foreign designers and design studios based in European and non-European countries.

Unlike what typically happens in this sector, Glamora’s proposals’ quality does not translate into inaccessible prices and long waiting times for production. The brand’s clients can count on excellent value for money, respect for deadlines, and professionals’ impeccable installation.



Glamora thinks of everything. To guarantee the best colour and visual rendering and the best style on specific supports in all circumstances, the company develops collections based on materials. However, Glamora also offers the possibility to apply prints originally not designed for particular supports to other materials.

Glamora wallpapers feature abstract subjects and outsized figurative images. The tones are neutral, and the nuances harmonious.

Among the most particular proposals made by Glamora are GlamFusion and GlamPure. The first is a patented waterproof wallpaper, which does not require waterproofing substances during installation. For this reason, it is the most suitable choice for all those walls that are in contact with water or are subject to intense mechanical and chemical stress. On the other hand, the second is a line of coatings made entirely from vegetable raw materials. The great protagonist of GlamPure is European linen, a beautiful textile fibre that gives very refined textures.

To find out more about Glamora wallpapers and coverings, visit Pellegrinelli Arreda showrooms in Milan and the province.

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