Founded in 1987 in Cordovado, Midj is one of the best-known and best-loved Italian furniture companies in the world. For Midj, Italy is the place where its furniture is designed and produced and the place where the designers and artisans who work with the company draw their artistic and productive inspiration. Inspired by history, the places and the skilful craftsmanship of previous generations, the workers create unique and original furnishing accessories, both in appearance and in the method of production.

Midj is one of the few companies that has succeeded in integrating craftsmanship into industrial production. The attention, passion and love that once exuded from every piece of handmade furniture can still be felt today in the large-scale productions that the company has had to vote for, given its great success on the national and international markets.

With Midj, Italian excellence wins again: in perfect synergy between craftsmanship, creativity and technology, the company has won the hearts of design lovers worldwide.

Midj’s mission is to create furnishing proposals that adapt to the lifestyle of those who choose them and improve their quality of life. The designers who work with the company create accessories that create bright, real and lively spaces, which is why all its products are characterized by fluid lines, soft shapes, innovative materials and colours and cosy padding that provide moments of happiness and comfort. 

The company has always been committed to creating transversal collections that can be easily adapted to all public or private spaces that desire modern and classy furnishings. 

Pellegrinelli Arreda is an official Midj retailer in Milan and Cesate. With two showrooms located in the Metropolitan City of Milan, the company offers personalized furnishing consultations and the assistance of a dedicated personal shopper who guides clients in choosing the pieces of furniture to include in their homes.


Ergonomics and aesthetics: these are the two elements par excellence that characterize Midj’s furnishing proposals. The company produces chairs, tables, stools and armchairs for kitchens, living rooms and living areas that are comfortable and stylish.

Among Midj’s most representative products, there are certainly the seats of the Dalia, Guapa and Joe lines, available in armchair, chair and stool versions. The Suite lounge armchair has also won connoisseurs’ hearts thanks to its comfortable ash structure and leather upholstery.

On the other hand, the Apelle collection includes seats of all kinds, tables, coffee tables and even consoles, desks and an elegant bookcase suitable for studies and living rooms.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the Blade extending table, the Gran Sasso table and the Forest oval table among the brand’s best-selling and most loved products. Each with its own peculiarities, these products are ideal for adding a touch of character and personality to any home.

By visiting Pellegrinelli Arreda showrooms, an official Midj retailer in Milan and province, you can see for yourself the quality of the brand’s proposals and let the sales staff advise you on the choice of furniture for your home.

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