Pellegrinelli Arreda is an official retailer of Clei furniture in the Milan area. In our showrooms, you can find furniture and accessories for the living and night spaces.

The first company to have explored the world of convertible furniture, Clei has always been synonymous with multifunctional habitat. Strengthened by the know-how built up over years of work, the company has created a range of products characterized by maximum design flexibility and adaptability to all lifestyles you may encounter. 

Clei’s domestic spaces are chameleonic: they vary according to time, needs and fashions without ever having to buy new furniture. The areas are the perfect representation of the people who live there and their needs.

With Clei furniture, customers can enjoy many lifestyles all at once. The collections created by the brand are all high-tech and designed in collaboration with a team of designers to ensure solidity, ease of use and fantastic style. The systems are all patented.

For all its projects, Clei is inspired by the smart city, a place where the interconnection of digital networks reigns supreme and the need to better manage time, space and resources is increasingly pressing. The way people see their homes has change over time, and Clei is one of the few company that started to create furniture that follows the new trends.

Pellegrinelli Arreda is a Clei retailer in the Metropolitan City of Milan. In the showrooms, customers can discover the full range of the brand’s proposals, be inspired by the creativity of the interior designers who collaborate with the company and take advantage of the numerous promotions available exclusively in the Pellegrinelli Arreda stores in Milan and Cesate.

Pellegrinelli Arreda: Clei products in the retailer’s catalogue

The Clei catalogue consists of a modular products with many functions. Furniture and furnishing accessories are versatile and designed to ensure maximum ease of use: those who follow the Clei home concept know that they can transform all the living spaces in just a few seconds. 

Clei creates space, multiplies it and enhances it. In an instant, the rooms dedicated to meetings and social relations are transformed into places of rest and intimacy. These solutions are perfect for those who live in modern homes, which are getting smaller and smaller, and, therefore, need to be very well organization.

The main protagonists of Clei’s furnishing lines are the retractable beds incorporated in convertible furniture. Exceptional examples are Penelope 2 and Altea, single and double beds hidden inside modern equipped walls.

Other than these offerings there are sofas, bookcases, kitchens, tables and even furniture for TVs.

When visiting the Pellegrinelli Arreda showrooms, customers will be able to discover Clei’s proposals and experience for themselves the quality of all the furniture and accessories designed by the brand. 



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