Tips to furnish a small house in Milan

For those who live in Milan buying or renting a large and spacious house is almost impossible, but this does not mean that with some care and some trick you can be able to make it look big and airy even the smallest of the apartments. 

In the Pellegrinelli Arreda showroom in Milan, you will find everything you need to furnish a small house with style and taste while enhancing the spaces available so to transform your small space into a palace. In the meantime, here are some tips to start thinking about how you would like to highlight the potential of your home before consulting with our interior designers!

Defining environments

There’s nothing more wrong than thinking that a small house can be made more spacious by turning it into an open space. The best thing to do, however, is to define the rooms well, perhaps using sliding walls. Yes to glass, which helps to divide the areas and allows natural light into the house.

Height development 

To make a house look bigger, we recommend that you focus all your attention on height. Use all the space at your disposal to create a mezzanine where you can place your bedroom or study. Even if small in size, this solution allows you to lighten the space, making your home look immediately more spacious.

Custom-made furniture

If you want to make the most of all the spaces available to you, you have to give up the idea of furnishing your home with ordinary furniture and choose, instead, custom-made furniture. Choosing customized solutions gives you the certainty of not wasting even a centimetre of your space and will make your home look more refined and cared for.

The choice of furnishing accessories

Choosing the wrong furnishing accessories leads, inevitably, to the creation of suffocating environments, which appear even smaller than they actually are. For a small house, a must-have accessory is a mirror. Reflective surfaces create visual illusions that make the spaces look larger and airier.

Choosing the right colour

There is nothing more wrong than choosing to use dark and gloomy colours in a small house. On the contrary, the preferred colour for walls and furniture is white. If you don’t want to get an aseptic effect, opt for white in its warmest shades, to be combined with beige or very light grey.

Don’t forget that your home should represent the best of you, so take these tips and add your personal touch… the result will be extraordinary!

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