The choice of interior doors is one of the most insidious issues when it comes to furnishing your home. When faced with an infinite number of types of opening, colours, textures, materials and decorations, you often end up choosing the doors of your home more out of duty and haste than following logical and style criteria. Lovers of design and beauty, we at Pellegrinelli Arreda have thought of creating a short guide that will help you choose the door that best suits your tastes and needs so that you can create a comfortable and beautiful home to live in.

Classic or modern?

The first big question to face is related to style. Would you like to create environments with a classic atmosphere or do you prefer modern style? The answer to this question will depend on the type of openness you prefer.

If you prefer the classic style, we recommend hinged doors with jambs and finishes protruding from the wall. Among the many colours available, choose natural wood or white. Be careful: hinged doors are best used only when there is a lot of space available. If you live in a small house, use hinged doors in moderation and in the most used rooms, while installing sliding models to define the rest of the rooms.

If you prefer the modern style, however, we suggest you go for sliding models. Not only do they help you save space, but they also give the whole house a more high-tech look. In the living area, we recommend installing glass models, which allow natural light to spill out and illuminate the home; for the sleeping area, opt for blind models in wood or darkened glass.

Finally, if you are eternal undecided, take a look at the models flush with the wall. Available in hinged and sliding versions, these products will allow you to create contemporary and stylish environments. By opting for flush wall models, you can also play with colours and decorations: the latest fashion is to cover the door just like the surrounding walls and make them invisible!

Interior doors: what to buy

Pellegrinelli Arreda is an official retailer of two of the biggest door manufacturers in the world: Eclisse and FerreroLegno. The first brand offers a range of flush hinged doors and counter frames for sliding doors of the latest generation, ideal to complete the furnishing of a modern and minimalist home. The company also offers innovative solutions such as soundproofing systems, systems for the disabled and integrated lighting systems.

FerreroLegno, instead, offers a broader and more varied range of products, with solutions for all tastes, needs and budgets. Wooden doors, satin glass doors, doors with aluminium profile, wood and metal doors, lacquered doors, laminate doors in different colours and with different colours signed by the brand are available at our showrooms in Milan and Cesate. Come and visit us!

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