2020 has not yet arrived, but the trends that will characterize it in terms of design are already here. If you too are a furnishing enthusiast and want to keep up with the times like us at Pellegrinelli Arreda, don’t miss the opportunity to discover all the design trends for 2020 and read our article.

Search for comfort

The first trend is not a new entry; on the contrary, it has been a focal point of the furniture world in recent years. What is it? The search for comfort. Even in 2020, therefore, homes should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable in every respect. Peace of mind and the possibility of detachment from the outside world will become a priority, and with them the creation of relaxing environments.

Equipped walls

Closely linked to the presence of more and more small houses than in the past, one of the new trends in 2020 will be to exploit the heights. How? By choosing furniture that is high up to the ceiling. Attention, the furniture should have not only a decorative function but also a functional one, so you should prefer storage furniture that will help you to organize and outline the space in a simple and intuitive way. A smart alternative to this furniture are equipped walls, which are a very practical solution. To make these elements more interesting, play with materials.

Bright colours

In 2020 we will say goodbye to soft and neutral colours. Instead, we will welcome bright colours like red, blue and green. The addition of a touch of these shades in every corner of the house will give a burst of energy to the whole environment.

The only exceptions are the bathroom and the kitchen, which will require more traditional colours. For the bathroom, it is best to prefer white, light grey and beige, to create a real oasis of relaxation. In the kitchen, you can dare a bit more. An interesting idea is to install black furniture, with modern and minimalist lines, to which you can add chrome details.


Speaking of chrome plating, metals will play a central role in home decor next year. Steel, silver and gold will be the favourite colours. How to integrate them with the rest of the decor? By choosing lamps, mirrors, tables and chairs with details made from these materials.


To love minimalism is fine, but a house must also tell the story of those who live in it and how to do it if not with unique and original accessories? The ideal is to choose wall decorations, such as paintings, mirrors and unique wallpapers. Let the most creative part of you go out and give space to your imagination by combining reproductions of natural prints with famous paintings and personal memories… the result will be extraordinary!


2019 was the year that restored the value of home lighting, and 2020 will continue in its wake in this respect. In 2020, therefore, the light will be the real protagonist of the home and will be used not only to illuminate the rooms but also as a scenic and furnishing element, to add an extra touch of personality to the house.

To achieve this goal, do not only focus on ceiling chandeliers but also integrate wall and table lamps into your decor. Which ones do you prefer? Those with sinuous and showy shapes, but elegant at the same time.

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