Although it has been on the market for more than 70 years, the Opinion Ciatti brand has only begun a few years ago to be really known and appreciated by the public and in the last period, thanks to collaborations with brilliant artists and unique collections, has become one of the few brands on the lips of everyone, fans of design and not.

To you, design means creativity, character and originality? Then you will adore the products signed by Opinion Ciatti. The company’s catalogue is made up of chairs, bookcases, tables and furnishing accessories for every corner of the house, designed to add an extra touch of personality to every room in which they are installed. 

Are you looking for Opinion Ciatti products in Milan? You can find them exclusively in the new showroom Pellegrinelli Arreda, in via Molino delle Armi 2/A, in the Porta Ticinese area! Visiting the shop you can see for yourself the quality of the proposals created by the designers who collaborate with the brand and let our interior designers advise you in the choice of the most suitable pieces for your home.


Over the past fifteen years, Opinion Ciatti has launched several products that have become part of the history of design, including mirrors, chairs and even coat hangers. Thanks to their eccentricity and extravagance, these products have left their mark, becoming some of the most iconic products in the world.

Lipstick AND Freedom!

Designed by Bruno Rinaldi in 2004, Lipstick may seem like a simple mirror at first glance. A more careful eye, however, can not help but notice the sensual silkscreened kiss, which in its naturalness manages to transform an ordinary mirror into a very modern design object.

Freedom!, instead, is one of the latest creations to join the family Opinion Ciatti. Roberta Colombo used the evocative power of symbols to remember the struggles that were made in the name of freedom and equality of rights, in everyday life.

Mammamia AND Tab.u

Mammamia is a collection of seats designed by Marcello Ziliani that includes single or stackable stools, with or without armrests. The main features of Mammamia chairs are versatility and customization: they can be used in any environment, from indoor to outdoor, arriving at the offices, and be customized on request choosing from 213 RAL colours, craftsmanship and special finishes, up to the creation of really unique pieces.

Also by Bruno Rinaldi, the Tab.u collection of tables and stools is unmistakable. The crumpled effect given to the wooden structure covered with aluminium makes the products of the collection so unusual and surprising that they can be found in every corner of the house.



Cima3 by Opinion Ciatti perfectly represents the concept of ready-made in design. Designed by Lapo Ciatti, this coat stand is made with a classic woven nautical rope that is reinterpreted becoming an innovative and attractive object of daily use.



If you are in love with Opinion Ciatti products and you are thinking of adding something to your collection, you must come to the Pellegrinelli Arreda showroom in Milan to see Ptolomeo, the bookshelf that won the Compasso D’Oro in 2004. Available in three different heights, Ptolomeo is characterized by a slender and essential structure, which makes it perfect to be placed in all contexts, from the most traditional to the most contemporary. If, in addition to your passion for books, you also have a passion for good wine, you cannot miss the opportunity to buy Ptolomeo Vino, a bottle holder version of Original Ptolomeo presented at the Salone del Mobile 2018.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to make an appointment with our home shoppers and interior designers or come and visit us; we will create for you a tailor-made project to integrate into your home your favourite Opinion Ciatti products.

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